how to create the best halloween night

Who is excited for Halloween this year? We have you covered this year with the perfect Halloween games the kids can enjoy, along with treats and costume ideas the kids will love! Check out the blog post below to make sure you have all you need for the perfect Halloween celebration. The below post will show you how to create all the best party ideas, recipes and pumpkin carving, to make sure your Halloween night is the talk of the town!

how to create the best Halloween party ideas

Halloween sweet jar
Halloween Game

The kids won’t be bored this Halloween with games to keep them entertained

  • The Mummy Twister Race
    • Grab your toilet roll and wrap your children’s legs up in it. Set a finish line and start the race. The first person to reach the finish line wins.

  • PumPkin Bowling
    • Ten Pin Bowling with a difference. Time to lift a few more toilet rolls with this game. Decorate the toilet roll to resemble your favourite Halloween characters. Stack them and grab a pumpkin with the stem cut off at the top. Let’s see who has the best aim and can knock down the most toilet rolls?
  • Keep ‘em Guessing
    • Grab a spare jar and fill with sweets and chocolate. Keep count of how many you put into the jar and get everyone guessing with how many is in it. Closest one who gets it right wins the jar.
    • Grab all the treats you need at your closest nearby store.

How to create the best halloween treats

Now that the kids are being kept busy with the Halloween games, its time to make sure they don’t go hungry and that there are plenty of Halloween snacks and treats to keep them full. Check out the best treats to serve to all who calls round.

Halloween Chocolate Apples

Halloween Chocolate Apples

Better than caramel apples and better for your teeth. Check out how to make Halloween Chocolate Apples that the kids will have eaten in no time!

Halloween Spider Biscuits

Halloween Spider Biscuits

Easy to make Halloween biscuits that the kids will love to help decorating. The perfect accompaniment for Halloween night for those who want to avoid anything too sweet and gooey!

How to Carve a Pumpkin

The best carved pumpkin competition is now live, so check out our tips below to make sure you know the best ways to carve your pumpkin.

Halloween carving set
Scraping Pumpkin seeds Halloween
How to carve a pumpkin
  1. First, select the perfect pumpkin to carve. Grab one with no soft spots and puncture proof as this will ensure your pumpkin lasts.
  2. Grab your carving tools preferably a pumpkin carving set (a safe option for the children to use.) If no set, grab a sharp knife and an apple corer works good for round holes.
  3. The kids will love using their hands to scoop out the goo and seeds, use a tablespoon or scraper to get the final stringy bits out.
  4. Now it is time to carve your pumpkin. If you want to get the kids involved get them to draw their design on a piece of paper and you can use it to draw onto the pumpkin before carving. Make sure in your design there is enough room between each shape, so the pumpkin maintains the structure.
  5. Once you have carved your pumpkin to the desired shape, its time to light the pumpkin with a tea light candle. Carefully light it and place inside the pumpkin to see your design come to life!
Halloween Pumpkins

send us in your pictures…

Now that you know the top tricks for carving your pumpkin, why not take a photo of your pumpkin designs and send them into our Pumpkin Facebook post on our page nearbyni where your pumpkin will be featured. Also you could be in with a chance of winning £50 Symths Toy Store Voucher for the best carved pumpkin.

Halloween Competition

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